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Ever since my second dress-trying-on experience (dress story under the cut), I've been obsessing over this one pair of shoes - Diane Lynn Juliana:

I've been looking so hard for places where I can buy these shoes near me, and if anyone was selling them for less than the original price of $250.  I did get a coupon for 20% off from the place where I first saw them (House of Brides in Chicago), but that still only brought the price down to $200.  A consultant had told me the price went down to $220, but I don't know if they were going to take the coupon on the discounted price.

In despair, I Googled "Diane Lynn discount" yesterday, and turned up in the ads on the sidebar.  I clicked, and it showed me all the listings for those shoes online, and their prices, and where I could find them.  I sorted by price, and lo and behold - there was a site, Tuxedo Junction, who was selling the shoes - IN MY SIZE, might I add, which was the catch with Amazon and other sites that seem obvious - for $94, free shipping.  Are you kidding me?!   Of course, with butterflies in my stomach, and after a clandestine call to my sister, who assured me that I need not feel guilty spending money on the shoes I love, I put in my order.

I'm even more glad I did now, because I got an email from the seller saying that they didn't have the shoes in stock, but that they have special ordered them for me to ship directly from the manufacturer, and that there is no additional charge.  In fact, they offered me 10% off my next purchase for the inconvenience.  What great service!

I don't think I'm going to use the 10% off - I offered it to my sister (has to be used in the next 5 business days) since I know she's got a tighter deadline and could maybe use it to buy some garment tape to hold up her dress or to buy a comb/headpiece or something since she's not getting a veil.

The shoes ship today and should be here, at my office, in 3-4 business days!!! Yay!  I didn't want to send them to my home because I don't want Nick to know I have them.

I have serious guilt problems regarding the wedding/wedding planning... I shouldn't have to feel like I need to hide all my wedding stuff from him!  I think he really does not realize how much time planning can take, and how far in advance caterers and venues and such need to be booked.  We're not the only people getting married!  So for now my solution is to quietly make all the plans myself, and keep them under wraps and ready to execute at a moment's notice.  I think I have now gotten these items checked off:

- Rehearsal dinner location (The Organ Piper Pizza)
- Ceremony location (Elm Grove Women's Club)
- Reception location (Elm Grove Women's Club)
- My dress (Impression #1739 - ordered!)
- My shoes (Diane Lynn Juliana - ordered!)
- Centerpieces (Hydrangeas in blue vases with assorted colored marbles in base - photos someday)
- Wedding favors (in progress - photos to come soon!)
- My bouquet (brooch bouquet, in progress - photos coming soon!)
- Hairdresser
- Wedding present for Nick
- Guest book
- Cake cutting set

Still need:
- Caterer
- Bar service
- Rentals (tent & some extra tables for cocktail hour)
- Flowers
- Bridesmaid's dresses
- Table linen rentals
- DJ
- Photographer (my good photographer friend Sarah is helping me choose!)
- Announcements/Save the Dates
- Invitations
- Decorations for reception site
- Hospitality baskets for bathrooms at reception
- Bridesmaids' gifts
- Cake
- Welcome/itinerary packets for key players (wedding party and and close family)
- Block of hotel rooms
- Card Box
- Jewelry for me
- Something awesome to "stuff" the "toss bouquet" with, since Sarah's convinced me I should still do a bouquet toss (not with mine obviously)!  But I'm not sure how I feel about it being "the next girl to get married", so I'm thinking it would be awesome to hide a gift card or something else inside the bouquet.  How cool would that be to catch the bouquet and then - surprise!
- Ceremony music
- Officiant
- Honeymoon plans
- Family brunch the day after
- Transportation
- Lemon tree to plant together OR a unity candle
- Aisle runner
- Wedding bubbles maybe?
- Ceremony decor
- Babysitter for the ceremony and reception
- Stuff to keep the kids busy

A LOT to plan still!


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